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Why report renewable vitality manufacturing is nice information for tax planning

Wind farms across the UK set a new record for clean energy on the bank holiday this May, with onshore and offshore wind turbines contributing nearly half of the national electricity grid. We examine how Deepbridge Capital capitalized on breakthrough moments like these to make renewable energy investments more attractive to potential investors.

Business News Wales spoke to Andrew Aldridge, a partner and head of marketing at Deepbridge Capital, based in Chester, to learn more about Deepbridge Estate Planning Service and how the company is using renewable energy to provide a corporate relief solution to financial advisors that is an assisted green inheritance tax solution :

Andreas says:

“We are investing in renewable energies for a number of reasons. One of them is the relatively predictable income you can get from renewable energy. Most of the assets are still subsidized by the state to this day [which] are obviously contracted over a longer period of time. The other person you are effectively selling your product to are the major electricity suppliers (i.e., “blue-chip” customers, Class A counterparties). “

How is this moment helping renewable energy financial advisors help their clients reduce inheritance tax? He continues:

“The most important advantages [of the Deepbridge Estate Planning Service] are the inheritance tax relief. In the UK, inheritance tax is currently 40% and with no planning there are various tax exemptions that everyone gets through [inheritance tax] Tapes. But anyone with a fortune in excess of £ 1 million, generally for a husband and wife, is taxed at 40%, which is quite weighty and most people prefer not to pay that. “

“Clients and advisors can do different things, like giving, giving away money, writing assets in trusts, taking out life insurance. But one of the most critical things is relieving the burden on the company, and interestingly, we just conducted a survey of our financial advisor community [on inheritance tax planning], with the second most popular business discharge being. Offers of help for companies are becoming more and more common, and of course there is also increasing appetite to invest in green, sustainable and environmentally friendly offers. “

With the UK government’s promise to “rebuild greener” and re-emphasize its commitment to renewable energy generation as the country’s long-term energy solution, renewables continue to offer investors a great opportunity for long-term, predictable growth while staying at the cutting edge the ethical, ecological and impact-oriented investment principles.

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