Tax Relief

Tribune editorial: Petition dangers derailing tax breaks | editorial employees

The greatest danger could be the legislature’s reaction to its attempt to circumvent it through public pressure. While the legislature usually meets every two years, it likes to think that it is in control all the time.

If the governor deeply offends the legislature, it could become difficult for him to gain support for future items on the agenda. Governors have learned in the past that there is an art to working with the legislature. Burgum is still trying to perfect this art.

The Tribune doesn’t think the petition makes sense simply because it will upset many lawmakers. We like the idea of ​​a temporary tax break at a time when people are recovering from the pandemic. It would relieve a lot of people.

Legislators are meeting next month to decide how to spend federal rescue funds, and it appears that the bulk of the money will be used on infrastructure projects. That’s fine, because it will benefit the entire state and eliminate the need to spend some government funding on improvements that are needed.

Burgum’s proposal brings money into the pockets of the North Dakotans. Whether the money is being spent, invested, or saved, it benefits the economy.

Rep. Jeff Magrum, R-Hazelton, wants federal aid to issue checks for nearly $ 3,000 to every resident of North Dakota. The Tribune favors Burgum’s idea and believes that at least some of the federal funds should be used for infrastructure projects.

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