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The West Virginia Broadcasters Affiliation opposes WV earnings tax

Charleston, W.Va. (WTRF) – The West Virginia Broadcasters Association (WVBA) has partnered with local corporations and chambers of commerce to campaign against income tax.

The WVBA says West Virginia businesses and their citizens need to recover and grow, and West Virginia income tax laws will not allow this to happen.

“West Virginia is facing a crisis,” says the WVBA in a commercial seen above.

Check out the WVBA website for over 10 reasons why income tax returns shouldn’t be passed. These include: WV will have the highest consumer sales tax in the country at 7.9% (then add the 1% local tax) California, New York, and the surrounding states. A tax on advertising hinders public access to news and information. Forty states have reviewed and rejected the idea, and the proposal still leaves a funding gap of $ 152 million.

The governor has been pushing for the tax to be abolished or phased out for several weeks. He says the abolition of state income tax would increase wages and home values ​​while bringing more people and businesses to the mountain state.

The WVBA is asking citizens to contact their lawmakers to let them know that West Virginia no longer needs additional taxes. You can make this request here

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