Tax Relief

The Sioux Metropolis Training Board is contemplating easing property tax training

The district raised $ 11.2 million in spending control relief in the general fund by using ESSER funds in lieu of property tax dollars to train teachers for virtual classes, summer school, and purchase of student and employee protective equipment, hand sanitizer and other cleaning and cleaning products to pay disinfection of consumables.

The budget for Fiscal Year 22 includes spending ESSER funding for many of these purposes, as well as paying some teachers’ salaries, hiring 10 certified nurses, buying laptops for students, and tutoring and summer school classes to help the difficult students who make up for lost teaching time.

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Superintendent Paul Gausman said he disagreed with Greenwell’s assessment that additional expenses could be paid with the aid money, saving more spending authority for a major cut in the levy. But, he said, the district continues to receive guidance on how to and cannot spend the aid, and other budget items remain in flux.

“I think it’s too early to make that decision,” said Gausman. “I’m not as comfortable as he is.”

Although the district will publish the budget presented on Monday, it can still be reduced but not increased in four weeks’ time before final approval.


Justin Wan, Sioux City Journal

“We can continue the discussion on how it can be reduced,” said CEO Perla Alarcon-Flory. “They are suggestions, so we’re going to look at these things.”

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