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The Significance of Tax Planning for Retirement with Godfroy Monetary Group President Alynn Godfroyoy

WINDSOR, ON / ACCESSWIRE / July 22, 2021 / Retirement income and financial planning are something that people around the world struggle with. A lack of knowledge and access to information leads many people to just put it off thinking that they won’t have to worry about it until the day they retire. Unfortunately, this is not the case and is one of the reasons why so many people find themselves in a difficult situation or shocked by the amount of tax debt or the unpreparedness to live on a retirement income. However, in some cases, people prepare without being aware of the tax laws and regulations that can put families in a very difficult position after the death of a loved one. Alynn Godfroy, President and Founder of Godfroy Financial Group, serving the people of Windsor and Essex Counties, has made it a life’s mission to guide people into better ways of financial planning, with a focus on helping people with tax retirement savings .

Godfroy explains that people or their families can go into massive shock if they are not aware of how taxes work around pension funds. Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP), Canada Pension Plan (CPP), and Old Age Security (OAS) combined provide income for people who are no longer employed. However, these funds do not provide the same income as the workforce, it is estimated that funds like the CPP only offset about 25% of one’s own income. When people amass this money, they often fail to realize that there are also taxes that are different from those that would be paid on normal wages. Suddenly people can have a lot of money in their accounts and government benefits can be withdrawn or taxed heavily.

Godfroy works with clients of all ages; those who are just beginning their financial journey to those who are retiring and beyond. She has a strong focus on tax planning for those who will retire in the next few years. She also helps with life insurance, disability insurance, serious illness insurance, and financial investments. RSP and tax-free savings accounts. Her focus is on providing clients with the highest level of realistic financial advice that will allow them to pass their golden years in comfort, enjoy their jobs and not lose money on high tax bills while protecting the bereaved.

“A lot of people just go to the bank. The same ones their parents went to and they don’t know there’s more to it than that. You get a specialized service from me, I get to know you personally. In Canada we have five big banks and a couple of credit unions that people can go to but there is a big separation because the person at the bank is only managing their investment portfolio, there is no integration to make sure they plan and have effective The two parts belong together. So the benefit of working with us is that we can take over the taxes and help our clients plan more effectively so they don’t get into the predicament of having a huge tax bill while they live or die. We bring in the financial planning component that is often overlooked. We’re really helping people see the bigger picture. “

Personal attention is an integral part of the process Godfroy does with her clients. She works with people over 30, through to retirees and beyond. Godfroy has been in the financial planning business for eighteen years, including graduating from the University of Windsor. After many years working for larger companies, she started her own business, which gave her the opportunity to select the best solutions for her clients. Today she has access to 20 different companies across Canada to choose from for insurance and investing. Too many customers have come to her in a crisis, and her intent is to help people plan strategically in advance to avoid it. Your goal is to help people avoid the difficult situations that often come unexpectedly with tax and retirement.

“There is nothing more heartbreaking than having to help a customer and explain to a child or a family who has just lost someone that they are now facing this horrific tax bill. It’s about helping people show them the ways to save earlier, take money out earlier, and do that tax planning. My mission is to find people before they get into this predicament. “

Godfroy is one of the leading independent consultants in Southwest Ontario, known for her personal touch, passion for helping people, and warm, welcoming personality. “After a few meetings with Alynn, our financial life was more organized and our way forward was very clear. We were able to achieve more than we expected with her big picture analysis, fluid financial planning and guidance … Alynn is like having one Experts, a coach, a cheerleader, and a friend all at once. ”(Online Testimonial) Learn more about the services Godfroy offers on the Godfroy Financial Group website,, and learn more about how those Tax planning for the retirement of your future can be of great benefit.



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