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The pinnacle of the auditors proposes the abolition of revenue tax

The head of the State Audit Office (ÁSZ), László Domokos, said in an article published Wednesday in the daily Magyar Nemzet that, ideally, income tax should be abolished entirely. Punishment”.

On the other hand, social security, which covers the cost of pensions, health care and other benefits, is viewed as a discount to personal safety rather than a burden, he wrote.

Domokos said the key to economic success is employment policy, which aims to revitalize the labor market by dismantling government barriers. Therefore, taxes should be lowered as much as possible, he added.

The government has initiated this process, he said, citing measures such as exempting mothers raising four or more children from PIT while preventing young earners from paying income tax up to the national median wage. The contributions paid by companies have also been reduced, Domokos noted.

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Despite targeted tax breaks, the state has received more revenue from PIT in the face of successive large wage increases, while revenue is now generally at a higher level due to the drastic shrinkage of the underground economy, he noted.

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