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The deadline for the native property tax relief program in Scarborough has been prolonged

SCARBOROUGH – The city of Scarborough announced that the deadline to apply for a local property tax exemption due to the declared state of emergency will be extended to May 17th.

Information on the city’s website is available for both local and state-provided exemptions, including homestead exemption in Maine, veterans exemption in Maine, and exemption for the blind.

The Maine Veteran’s Exemption requires that an applicant be either onege 62 or older and served during a recognized wartime period, rreceives 100 percent disability from the VA, is aparaplegic veteran or is likesurviving spouse, minor child, or widowed parent of a veteran.

The city’s website for the homestead exemption in Maine states: “The state of Maine offers ahOmestead exemption for property owners claiming Maine domicile. You must have owned a homestead in Maine for 12 months. This is currently a reduction of $ 25,000 in your taxable value. The actual impact on your tax burden will depend on the mill rate. “

The state is also offering exemption to tax-paid residents who are legally blind, the Scarborough website says.

Applicants must be for exemption from local property tax 62 years or older at the application deadline, a city that has been resident for at least 10 years at the time of the application deadline, and aThe applicant’s household must have an adjusted gross income of less than $ 50,000, the city website states.

“To qualify, your annual property tax bill must exceed 5 percent of the household AGI,” the city said. “For mobile homes, we take into account the rent paid in addition to your tax burden. Applicants who qualify will receive up to $ 750 at the end of the year. “

The new due date, May 17th, is 30 days after the end of the civil emergency. However, if this is extended, the due dates of applications may also change, the city said.

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