Corporate Tax

The company tax hike will harm small companies’ letters to the editor

Editor: Well, it sounds great. Big companies will pay the bill. Who are these big companies? If your employer is registered, he has the tax increase.

As a local employer with 12 employees, I will be one of the small businesses that have to pay that bill. What will the tax hike mean for small businesses that are supposed to be the backbone of the country?

Maybe it just means employees aren’t getting a raise, or maybe it just means a layoff or two. It could also mean the company goes out of business and all jobs are lost.

The tax hike will have consequences. I find it hard to understand that spending money that you don’t have is a responsible act. It doesn’t work in my business or in my personal life. Think about your employer.

What does the tax increase mean for you? What does it mean for you personally when your employer loses profitability and employability?

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