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Tax tip: inheritance tax planning in 2022 with no modifications in sight

Practitioners worried about possible changes to inheritance tax law, including rate increases, in the second half of 2021; a reduction in exemption; Elimination of valuation discounts; Limits for GRATs; Changes of the trust giver; and enforced recognition of profits in trusts without grantors. Taxpayers were also concerned because of their concerns. It ended up being a William Shakespeare comedy: “Much Ado About Nothing”.

For 2022 we’re looking at Shakespeare again, this time on “The Tempest”. “The past is prologue”: The inheritance tax laws will not change.

Why can we be so sure of this prediction?

Two Senators who are Democrats face re-election in 2022. Both won their last races by a narrow margin. Senator Maggie Hassan (DN.H.) last won 0.1% in a state that won the President by 7.2%. On November 24, 2021, Fortune reported a negative 2% favoritism rating for the President in New Hampshire. Senator Catherine Masto (D-Nev.) Last won 2.4% in a state that won the president by 2.4%. The same article reported a 3% negative rating for the Nevada president.

In 2022, taxpayers should conduct inheritance tax planning because it’s a good idea, not for fear of upcoming legislative changes.

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Bruce Givner, Esq. is of Counsel to KFB Rice, LLP in Los Angeles, California

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