Tax Relief

Tax relief purposes obtainable for aged, disabled householders | Richmond FreePress

Applications and recertifications of tax relief for elderly and disabled homeowners and renters are now being accepted at City Hall, it has been announced.

People who already gain full or partial reductions in taxes have until March 31 to submit their recertification paperwork to City Hall to remain in the program, while new applicants have until June 15 to submit all the paperwork.

The program allows qualifying applicants to gain full or partial exemption from real estate taxes for three years, or to freeze the amount they pay for three years so they would not pay any increase.

The tax relief program is for people 65 years or older or those permanently disabled who own their home and have an annual income of less than $60,000 a year.

Qualifying renters as well as homeowners in the program also are exempt from paying the city’s monthly fee for refuse collection.

Details: (804) 646-6015.

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