Tax Preparation

Tax preparation providers within the WS Senior Heart | Folks

Willow Springs Senior Centers invite customers to help fight fraud by filing a tax return.

This Friday and February 19th, volunteers will be at the center to help seniors complete their 2020 tax returns. As fraud and theft have been reported frequently lately, customers are advised to file a federal return, even if they do not have to file taxes, to ensure their Social Security numbers are not used by anyone else.

“We can help you file your tax return, and if someone applies for your social security we can notify the IRS of this scam,” said Jeanette Petro, senior tax advisor.

There are discounts the state grants seniors, including rental discounts and property tax credits, that volunteers can use to assist with filing applications.

Call Wilma at the center at 417-469-3892 to make an appointment.

COVID-19 restrictions apply: Filers should stay in their vehicles upon arrival and wait for a volunteer to come to them. Participants are asked to bring their own pens and wear a mask for everyone’s safety.

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