Tax Planning

Tax planning ideas for fairness traders; Take pleasure in capital good points on shares?

EP669 – Tax Planning Tips for Equity Investors; Enjoy capital gains on stocks? | The money show
23 JUNE 2021 06:50 AM | ET NOW | 25 MIN 53 SEC

You can join an interesting discussion on capital gains taxation today on The Money Show. Capital gains from stocks and mutual funds are currently considered taxable income on the relevant tables. LTCG: Gains up to 1 lakh are excluded and the balance of taxable income is 10% without indexation. Amit Maheshwari, the tax partner at AKM Global, shares insights and tips on how to lower your tax burden on equity income given the huge increase in profits in the market over the past year. He suggests diverting your profits into tax-exempt bonds, whose interest is exempt from tax, and using Section 54F, among other broad financial strategies. Clock!

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