Tax Relief

Tax cuts for the rich or wealth tax breaks for you | Letters to the editor

Would you like the sales tax from your online purchases to go to corporations and the wealthy or to YOU ​​as a permanent lowering of your property tax?

Well, your government officials have decided that your sales tax revenues should go mostly to the rich.

How did it happen? In 2019, Mike Moyle and the Republican-led Legislature created a special tax relief fund that is 100% funded by the online sales taxes paid by Idahoans outside of the state. All other sales taxes are treated as regular income and go to the general fund.

Last year Idahoans shopped online more than ever and will likely continue. This brought this “special fund” a profit of over 163 million US dollars. Instead of giving that money to rural schools that levy taxes, our lawmakers voted for permanent tax cuts.

This change will primarily benefit the top 1% of income earners, who receive $ 9,000 a year in tax breaks, while Idahoans with modest incomes get just $ 80 a year in tax breaks.

Here’s the bottom line: Your representatives voted to permanently cut taxes on the wealthiest Idahoans instead of permanently lowering YOUR property taxes.

You can fix this by voting for candidates who understand taxes and school finance, and are committed to lowering your property taxes. Find these candidates and vote for them in the 2022 election cycle.

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