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Tax Break for Catastrophe-Stricken Owners in Yolo County – Day by day Democrat

The Yolo County Assessor’s Office proposed amendment to a local tax relief ordinance was unanimously approved at a recent board meeting.

The ordinance allows qualified property owners who moved to Yolo County after losing their homes due to forest fire or flooding to transfer their previous county’s property tax base to their new home.

“In recent years, our state has seen an increase in the number of people affected by natural disasters,” said a statement from Katharine Campos, assistant clerk at Yolo County Assessor’s Office. “Victims suffered substantial and sudden tax increases when they moved across county boundaries, sometimes just a few miles from their damaged homes.”

This ordinance allows individuals who lost their homes before the schedule set out in Proposition 19 to potentially qualify for tax breaks.

Less than a quarter of all counties in the state have so far passed such an ordinance, Campos said.

“The approval of this ordinance by the Board of Supervisors will bring direct relief to qualified disaster survivors who have already moved to Yolo County and made this community their home,” said Jessie Salinas, Yolo County Advisor / Clerk / Registrar. “We are proud to have worked with the board of directors to initiate the implementation of this tax break in Yolo County.”

If you have any questions about tax breaks, please contact the assessor’s office at (530) 666-8135 or Appointments can be made at the following address:

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