Tax Relief

Suffolk Seniors with Disabilities are eligible to use for the Property Tax Reduction Program

SUFFOLK, Virginia. – A property tax break is coming up for the elderly and disabled in Suffolk. The applications are now open.

The Suffolk Department of Social Services is currently accepting applications for the Real Estate Tax Relief Program for the Elderly or the Disabled. The application period started on Saturday and runs until June 30th, 2022.

This does not apply to veterans as they can apply at any time.

The program provides a reduction or exemption from property tax for qualified homeowners and up to ten acres of land for certain homeowners.

To qualify, applicants must be at least 65 years of age or permanently and completely disabled by June 30th.

According to officials, the total combined gross household income of the homeowner, spouse, and all resident relatives of the owner, except for the first $ 10,000 of the owner’s other relatives other than the spouse, cannot exceed $ 67,622. $ 7,500 is excluded from the income of the homeowner who is permanently and completely disabled. Income from other people living in the household who is unrelated to the owner (s) is not taken into account.

The combined net financial value cannot exceed $ 303,075.

The tax relief program applies to property taxes only, not personal property taxes or income taxes.

To schedule an appointment to apply for the program or to have questions, call (757) 514-4870 or (757) 514-4222. The public is accessible from Monday to Thursday from 9.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.

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