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Sufficient with IDAs, corporate greed, and tax breaks – Every day Freeman

Dear editor:

The Freeman regularly publishes stories about the questionable activities of the Ulster County Industrial Development Agency and their granting of tax breaks.

There is a reader comment area online after each article. It is interesting to see that the comments are 99% against the free Kingstonian and city land assignments. There are few positive comments because there is little positive to say about these corporate greed giveaways.

The outrage has spread to the city of Ulster and opposition to tax breaks for the Romeo Kia project. In addition, there were Pro-IDA school board candidates in the recent elections
defeated. And this month, IDA opponent Joe Maloney was elected to the state legislature in Saugerties, while IDA advocate David Donaldson lost his seat in Kingston.

Most of our elected officials say little and without comment, not just not a big stick, but not a stick. Is it a disease or a trait of not being able to represent public trust?
And with little resistance there will be no consequences.

Columnist Froma Harrop recently called such people “political free riders” in Congress. So maybe we should start a freedloaders club made up of IDAs, politicians, and corporations who volunteer hard-earned taxpayers’ money in exchange for personal gratification.

Bruce McLean

Kingston, NY

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