Tax Relief

Some Rosenberg residents see tax breaks | information

It’s too early to decide whether or not Rosenberg residents will experience a tax cut in the next fiscal year.

But one thing is certain: some citizens will be relieved somewhat by new tax exemptions.

At the Rosenberg city council meeting on Tuesday, councilors voted to increase tax exemptions for homesteads for disabled homeowners.

Currently, the city is offering a 10% exemption for homesteads or $ 5,000, whichever is greater, according to city officials.

The council agreed to increase the homestead exemption to 15% of the appraised value, or at least $ 5,000.

The current exemption for disabled homeowners is $ 60,000.

The council agreed to increase the disability allowance to $ 75,000.

According to Assistant City Manager Joyce Vasut, the total impact on property tax revenue is $ 174,000 as follows:

  • Homestead Exemptions – $ 165,000; and
  • Exemption for Individuals with Disabilities – $ 9,000

Councilor Isaac Davila proposed to increase tax exemptions.

The motion was supported by Councilor Alicia Casias.

The next council meeting will be on June 15 at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall on 2110 Fourth Street.

Citizens wishing to speak to the Council must register before the meeting begins.

Citizens are allowed to attend council meetings but must first be screened for symptoms related to COVID-19, including a temperature check. and are encouraged to wear a protective mask in the Rosenberg town hall.

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