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Invites Junior Premier account holders to submit creative drawings envisioning a sustainable future for all

To convey the basic principles of creating a more sustainable future on HSBC’s path toward net zero, HSBC Sri Lanka has launched a creative arts competition that invites all existing Premier Junior Account Holders from different age groups to submit a drawing that includes theirs Vision for the future of the planet while encouraging them to think responsibly about how to manage their own carbon footprint.

Stuart Rogers, Interim CEO of HSBC Sri Lanka and Maldives, said: “The transition to net zero is one of the key pillars of the bank’s strategy. This means that our commitment and our commitment are geared towards the long term. Therefore, we believe that the planet we live on takes care of us in every way, whether you are an individual, a family, or a business; However, the footprint we leave creates bigger waves that harm it. We look forward to engaging our next generation through this competition so that we can instill sustainable thinking and encourage them to reflect on their own carbon footprint and how they envision the net zero future from their perspective. “

The contest is open to all HSBC Premier Junior Account Holders in Sri Lanka ages 6-18 to share their drawings on the following four topics;

Sustainable planet Responsible use of the planet today in order not to harm it tomorrow. Sustainable work

Responsible innovation in products and services that have the least or no impact on the planet. Sustainable living Design your lifestyle responsibly for the future so that it remains protected from external influences. Sustainable Supply Chains Responsibly sourcing raw materials for production with the lowest environmental impact To qualify, submissions must reach their family’s Premier Relationship Manager by November 20, 2021. Selected entries will be selected to be featured on the HSBC Sri Lanka 2022 Desk Calendar, and winners will also receive a special gift package of art supplies.

It does so against the backdrop of the recent COP26, the UN global climate summit, which highlighted other key actions HSBC is taking to become carbon neutral by 2030 and help its customers do the same by 2050. HSBC has pledged $ 750 billion and more than $ 1 trillion over the next 9 years to help businesses, customers, and their communities make this green transition and reduce the impact on this planet.

Through the Bank’s Business Plan for the Planet, HSBC is committed to working with individuals and companies to advance a sustainable future while focusing on three areas: helping clients transition to net zero carbon emissions; Scaling of new technologies; and building global partnerships to create common standards.

The Bank advises that companies need a partner with the understanding, skills and resources to help them transition to a sustainable model and HSBC can become their partner to provide them with the financial support they need to do so. More information is available at

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