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Slog PM: Bezos comes up with corporate tax hikes, Caitlyn Jenner debates CA governor operating, have you ever seen Shiva Child? – slog

How much do you want to bet this iguana paid more corporate taxes than Amazon last year? Emily Driscoll

As Rich mentioned in Slog AM: Biden officially announced that he would raise federal vaccine eligibility for all adults by April 19. In a speech today, he warned that “the pandemic remains dangerous,” with cases re-emerging, variants spreading, and hospital stays on a plateau. While this upward timeline by no means means everyone will get their first dose that day, it does mean that all adults can line up for at least one. The president also announced that the US has now fired 150 million shots towards its 200 million target by the end of his first 100 days in office on April 30th.

Big news: President Biden announced that we have fired 150 million shots since he took office yesterday. We are well on the way to meeting our goal of 200 million shots in the first 100 days.
– The White House (@WhiteHouse) April 6, 2021

Ballard ArtWalk is back after a year of absence: But it takes a slightly different form. Rather than confine itself to one frenzied night that inevitably ends far too early, galleries and shops in the neighborhood will set up installations for the spectators who come to visit for the entire month of April. Locust Cider, Clover Toys, Annies Art & Frame and Kula Movement are among the participants – check out the rest here.

Examination of King County prisons shows that racial differences in the discipline are widespread: According to Lewis Kamb of the Seattle Times, blacks in our county’s prisons “are generally subject to more rigorous discipline and more restrictive detention than those of other races imprisoned”. In addition, the practice of “double bunking” – two people in a single cell – has been found to sometimes “trigger fighting, assault and other violent episodes that are common in the county’s two adult prisons”. Read more about Kamb’s report on King County’s Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention’s prison operations audit.

Senator Rebecca Saldaña zoomed into the committee hearing … while driving: MyNorthwest reports that state lawmakers “appeared to have violated several traffic laws” while videoconferencing the Senate Transportation Committee meeting. Saldaña even acknowledges the fact that she drives, refers to her “old vehicle” and answers a question about the transition to green energy. Saldaña has since apologized for her actions and said she sincerely regrets it[s] After making that choice, “and if she gets a ticket for her actions, she will” pay the fine “.

Next time she should try to block the laws she may be breaking before they even go into effect. Https://
– Rich Smith (@richsssmith) April 6, 2021

Shit shit Arkansas state lawmakers are overriding the governor’s veto on a bill preventing transkids from receiving gender-affirming medical care in the state: The bill, known as the Save Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) bill, will prevent doctors from providing health care benefits such as hormones, puberty blockers and “transitional surgeries” to trans children. The House voted 71-24 while the Senate voted 25-8, ABC reports. The ACLU “prepares litigation” to combat the dangerous and harmful bill.

Fuck orcas !!!!!! Whale watchers spotted 56 of these beautiful animals in the Salish Sea over the Easter weekend. The Pacific Whale Watch Association reported sightings of four different pods of Biggs killer whales in the Strait of Georgia, Puget Sound, and the San Juan Islands. KOMO snapped a few pictures. I love these creatures !!

Bezos is cool with corporate tax increases: “We support the focus of the Biden administration on bold investments in the American infrastructure,” wrote the CEO and founder of the e-commerce giant in a statement in which he allegedly addressed Biden’s great infrastructure plan. “We understand that this investment will require concessions on all sides – both in terms of the details of the benefits included and the way in which they are paid for (we support an increase in the corporate tax rate).” Support was put in brackets? By the way – do you think he reads Mudede?

As we all know, the weather is a function of prayer and sending out a good mood: So keep your fingers crossed for a little 70-degree April day next week.


The first 70-degree day of the year in Seattle is possible in the middle of next week. Another way out, but the trends look promising right now.

Cross your fingers!
– Seattle Weather Blog (@KSeattleWeather) April 6, 2021

Jenner 4 California Governor ???? Former Olympic gold medalist and reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner is said to be running for California governor, reports Axios. It does so because current Democratic governor Gavin Newsom faces a recall election and Jenner – a noted Republican and one-time Trump supporter – could up the ante of this race. I love the chaos of Kylie and Kendall, who will be California’s first children.

Speaking of California: Newsom plans to reopen and lift all COVID restrictions in the Golden State by June 15, citing high vaccination rates and a low positive case rate. “CA has given more than 20 million vaccinations. We have the lowest positivity rate in the US. Stable hospital stays,” he said. “Now we are happy.” I know he probably has tons of corporate interests to calm down, but step by step, huh?

Do you remember that annoying plane that circled the protests on Capitol Hill last year? Well, at the time, CHS Blog reported that it was the Washington State Patrol “providing law enforcement assistance on the ground”. But now the neighborhood blog has the footage the plane captured for public record this summer at the request of Seattle criminal defense attorney Nacim Bouchtia. Here you can view a playlist of all videos – from Olympia to I-5 to Bellevue. This one from the night of June 3rd wears me out !!!

Councilor Kshama Sawant wants the city to restore the moratorium on its 72-hour parking rule: In a statement released today, Councilor called on Mayor Jenny Durkan to restore a moratorium on the 72-hour parking limit, which she believes is unfairly targeted against “people forced to move into Seattle due to the ongoing affordable housing crisis to live in their cars or mobile homes. ” “” The rule, which came into effect again on April 1st, states that any vehicle that is parked in one place for more than three days can be subject to ticketing and towing. Durkan has defended the move to reintroduce the limit value, stating in a statement that it “can help promote mobility and the regular operation of the right of way”.

Thandiwe Newton recalls the spelling of her name: “I’m taking back what’s mine.”

Former Trump HUD Official Fined Four Years From Federal Employment: Lynn Patton, who served as the HUD regional administrator for New York and New Jersey, was fined today for violating the Hatch Act while serving as a government employee. According to CNBC, Patton used her position to recruit public housing residents for a Trump campaign video that “would explain how their living standards have improved under the Trump administration.” Patton told CNN that she has no regrets making the video and will pay the $ 1,000 fine associated with the fine.

Risk of bombing in the Yakima courthouse: Yakima federal court was evacuated earlier today after a suspicious package was found on the premises, reports KOMO. An x-ray of the package showed that “a multi-corded cell phone came from there,” and bomb technicians were dispatched to take care of it. As of 1:28 p.m. this afternoon, the area was declared safe and officials do not believe the threat was related to second gentleman Doug Emhoff’s visit to the city.

Let’s end with a recommendation: You should check out Shiva Baby, director Emma Seligman’s first feature film. Starring Rachel Sennott as Danielle, the film follows her nightmarish existence in a Shiva for a distant relationship where she meets her ex-girlfriend and sugar daddy. While trying to negotiate the hell of imprisonment at a party with people you’ve had sex with, relatives are constantly commenting on their weight, asking about their love life, and nudging them about their postgraduate plans. Ariel Marx’s bold, stringy score, coupled with the compulsive amount of food, makes this film a fun and gnashing study of anxiety, sex, and family. It can be rented on YouTube.


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