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Shelby County’s Mayor and Trustees Announce Inheritance Tax Reduction for Aged and Veterans

MEMPHIS, Tennessee. – Some people who live in Shelby County have one more reason to be extra grateful this Thanksgiving. The Shelby County Mayor and Trustee announced Wednesday that property tax relief will be available for low-income seniors, disabled residents, and disabled military veterans in the county.

Executives call this a game changer and say it will make a world of difference in thousands of lives.

Cassandra Spearman has another reason to smile when she meets her family on Thanksgiving. She has owned her Westwood home for more than 20 years.

Ms. Spearman is a recipient of real estate tax relief in Shelby County. Recently, their taxes have gone up, making it difficult to live on a steady income.

She knows she is not alone. Many have to spend their money on other things.

The district chairmen met on Wednesday to discuss the extended property tax relief.

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It uses federal funds from the American Rescue Plan Act to double the amount of relief currently available through the Shelby County Trustee’s office, which is in line with the state’s property tax break.

It increases the maximum amount of relief for the elderly and disabled from $ 250 to $ 500, and from $ 1,500 to $ 3,000 for disabled veterans.

“These are also the people who deserve our collective hug, our seniors, our veterans, our disabled residents,” said Mayor Lee Harris.

The county said more than 8,100 residents received tax breaks last year.

With the new county matching program, they expect more people to get the help they need.

Shelby County’s Trustee Regina Morrison Newman says the program is needed to keep residents in their homes.

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“The tax break program is absolutely essential to keep our residents in their homes,” she said. “And while we’re setting records, breaking new records every year, and collecting more taxes than ever before, we’ve also completed more payment plans than ever before.

Spearman would now like to encourage others to apply.

“There is a great need and I hope more people apply for it because it will help them a lot and I am sure if they need help with their application they can call and get someone to help, but they have to Be aware you have some money to keep in your pocket, ”she said.

The income limit for elderly and disabled residents is $ 31,190. There is no income limit for a disabled veteran, widow of a disabled veteran, or the spouse of a fallen soldier.

To apply for Property Tax Exemption for Shelby County Property Taxes 2021, please contact Shelby County Trustee Customer Service at (901) -222-0200.

The application deadline is April 5th, 2022.


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