Corporate Tax

ShareChat, a US corporate tax providing for the world, Vaccitech IPO valued at $ 2.1 billion

The start-up that owns the biotechnology behind the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine has filed for an IPO in the United States in confidence. The Indian social media group ShareChat has raised more than $ 500 million to expand its popular short video app Moj and the Austrian activist Max Schrems has filed a data protection complaint against Google in France. In addition, the head of the FT Washington office, James Politi, has details of the US offer to the rest of the world to tax multinational corporations.

The US offers a new plan for global corporate tax talks

Biotech start-up behind AstraZeneca vaccine files for US listing

ShareChat worth $ 2 billion after TikTok ban

Max Schrems accuses Google of illegally tracking Android users

Information on data protection and deactivation can be found at

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