Tax Relief

Republicans, Democrats battle over COVID tax breaks for firms, employees

Senate Republicans and a prominent independent want businesses * not * to pay state tax on emergency Paycheck Protection Program (COVID) loans they received from the federal government. A top House Democrat, Representative Paul Marquart from Dilworth, said:

“It’s an important part, but you can’t just do it on your own.”

Marquart says * workers * shouldn’t pay taxes on unemployment benefits either. Cook’s Senator Tom Bakk (BOCK) replies that the state has a limited amount of money for tax breaks – and has needs in K-12 education, health and personal services, transportation, and other areas …

“We can’t put anything in higher education and just raise tuition fees, can we? We can’t help cities and counties and just let property taxes go up. “

Bakk proposes exempting part of the federal government’s first COVID supplementary unemployment benefit from state tax – but that’s a lot less than House Democrats say.

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