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Rajasthan HC Junks plea for tax relief for liquor sellers | Jaipur information

JAIPUR: The Supreme Court has dismissed the lawsuit brought by alcohol license holders who requested a waiver of the annual guarantee fee and a tax break for the second wave of Covid.
The only bank chaired by Justice SP Sharma gave the order on a written petition filed by Babu Khan and 120 others.
According to the Excise Duty Directive 2021-22, an annual guarantee amount has to be paid in 12 equal installments.
Accordingly, the tenderers must collect the spirits value of this amount in 12 installments, and the excise duty and the additional excise tax are therefore offset by such cancellation of the spirit value in the amount of the stated installments.
However, if the licensee is not able to raise the spirits corresponding to the above-mentioned rates, he has to compensate the difference between the annual guarantee amount to be paid for the period and the basic license fee to be paid for spirits that have been lifted for a short time. The amount is payable in cash at the end of each quarter.
The petitioners requested a waiver of the annual guarantee for the first quarter that they were unable to operate fully due to restrictions imposed by the state government to contain the spread of Covid-19.
The court said, “The loss they suffered cannot be put on the shoulders of the government as they were aware of the situation when they submitted their offers and accepted the terms of the policy.”
The court added: “The granting of discounts on payments is at the sole discretion of the state that has set the excise tax policy. The state government would therefore be best to decide on this matter. ”

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