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Private tax returns in mass. Due April 19

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BOSTON – State officials are reminding residents that the deadline to file personal income tax returns in Massachusetts is Tuesday, April 19.

Monday, April 18 is the federal tax return deadline.

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) said that anyone who received at least $8,000 in total gross taxable income during the 2021 calendar year has to file a tax return.

They can be submitted electronically – something that more than 90% of taxpayers did for the 2021 tax year, according to the DOR, and the method that is recommended by the state due to its security and efficiency.

Residents can also file tax returns through the mail; all mailed returns have to be postmarked by April 19 at midnight.

Tuesday is also the deadline to apply for an extension, in case more time is needed to file a tax return.

For more information and tips regarding tax season, visit the DOR’s website by clicking here.

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