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Private Earnings Tax, New Companies, and Legislative Information this morning in West Virginia

This morning in West Virginia, we’re investigating a surprising change that has resulted from the pandemic – an increase in the number of new businesses that have opened. We also have the latest news on bills that would affect transgender athletes and abortions, and we have a breakdown of the governor’s personal income tax cut plan.

A bill is going through the West Virginia House of Representatives to require high school and junior high school athletes to participate in sports under the gender they were assigned at birth. Liz McCormick has more.

West Virginia lawmakers passed a House Justice Committee bill on Tuesday to give families better access to family visits to hospitals and long-term care facilities. WVPB has the story.

A bill being drafted by West Virginia lawmakers would dictate how doctors talk to patients about drug discontinuation. This is a nonsurgical process that involves taking two separate pills to have a fetus aborted. As June Leffler reports, the bill was passed by the House Health Committee without medical advice.

West Virginia has caused bleeding among the population for the past decade. But Governor Jim Justice has the idea to turn it all around. The judiciary wants to lower the state’s income tax by 60 percent. He and several other leading Republicans in the Capitol hope the plan will reverse the state’s population outflow and attract thousands – if not hundreds of thousands – of new residents. Dave Mistich gives us a look at the governor’s plan and whether it might work.

The pandemic was a nightmare for many companies – likely more than 100,000 small businesses nationwide have been permanently closed, according to a survey by the National Bureau of Economic Research. However, West Virginia saw an increase in new business registered in 2020 compared to the past three years. Caitlin Tan has the story.

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