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People working from dwelling are inspired to use for a £ 62 HMRC tax break earlier than the monetary yr ends

The new energy price cap hike is now in effect and Citizens Advice Scotland is encouraging people who have worked from home during the coronavirus pandemic to apply for tax breaks on their fuel bills before the tax year ends on Monday 5th April.

Under the existing tax relief scheme, workers can claim between £ 1.20 per week (£ 62 per year) and £ 2.40 per week (£ 124.80 per year) if they are away from home for at least one day at the request of their employer have worked out due to restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

The charity’s analysis suggests that around 1.16 million people worked from home during the pandemic and would qualify for the relief paid back by a change in an employee’s tax code.

Energy prices are projected to increase by £ 96 for standard tariff customers and by £ 87 for customers with a prepayment meter.

Domestic workers only have until April 5 to apply for tax breaks on energy bills

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Citizens Advice Fair Markets Scotland spokeswoman Kate Morrison said: “Many of us have worked from home during the pandemic and will therefore be heating for much longer.

“Any money saved on bills is especially welcome if it has come through a cold winter that has increased heating needs, on top of the rise in the energy price cap, which will lead to price increases for many households.

“This relief is not perfect. We would like it to be reviewed and increased for lower-income people who are primarily more likely to be fuel-poor. As homeworking becomes more prevalent after the pandemic, that relief could become more important to many people over time. ”

Citizens Advice Scotland also encourages people to use the Money Map tool at to see all the options available to help them reduce their cost of living and increase their income.

How to apply for tax relief from HMRC

The HMRC encourages customers to apply for tax breaks for working from home to apply directly on the GOV.UK website here.

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