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The House and Senate held meetings this week, but no votes. This report describes some recently introduced bills of general interest that have nothing to do with epidemics.

Senate Act 454: Issue State License for Arms Purchases

Introduced by Senator Rosemary Bayer (D) to impose a state licensing mandate on all gun purchases, including long guns. The bill appears to approve an exemption for long guns purchased from a state weapons licensee, subject to an immediate state background check.

Senate Laws 3, 24, and 467; House Bills 4002, 4490, and 4886: Exempt certain retirement income from state income tax

Introduced by various legislators from both parties to lift age-related restrictions and restrictions on income tax deduction for retirement and pension benefits enacted as part of the 2011 tax reform and business tax cut. Under current law, taxpayers born before 1946 receive these exemptions, those born before 1952 receive a partial exemption, and those born later do not receive an exemption. Versions of this bill have been tabled about 50 times since 2011 but never put to the vote because proponents were unable or unwilling to convince a majority to either cut spending or raise another tax to make up for the lost Compensate income. In 2011, those sales were estimated at around $ 340 million, and the amount is significantly higher now.

Senate Act 510: Establish new definition and requirements for “dangerous dogs”

Introduced by Senator Sean McCann (D) to request a court receiving an affidavit that a dog is dangerous under the bill, issue a subpoena asking the owner to appear to prove why the dog should not be classified as dangerous dog. If the dog poses an immediate danger to public safety, the court would have to order the seizure at the owner’s expense until the hearing and decision. If the court agrees that the dog is dangerous, the owner would have had it neutered or neutered, obtained special permission, notified the post office and utilities, passed it on to vets and other animal service providers who deal with the dog, put up signs Insurance, keep the dog in a securely fenced yard where it cannot escape and children cannot get in, and much more. Outside the property, the dog must be kept on a leash of no more than 1.80 m under the supervision of a responsible adult. Failure to do so would be a criminal offense that would result in four years imprisonment and if the dog was still attacking a person or animal it would have to be euthanized. Referred to the committee, currently no further action.

Senate Act 524: Accession to the proposed multi-state anti-corporate welfare pact

Introduced by Senator Jim Ananich (D), Senator Tom Barrett (R), and others to approve this state’s accession to a proposed Midwestern “company-specific intergovernmental subsidy treaty” whose member states would agree to stop granting tax breaks or subsidies a particular company that other companies in a similar location are not available to. The bill states that “state governments are caught in a race to the bottom, offering ever bigger … incentives or grants to encourage large corporations to stay or settle in their state, despite overwhelming evidence that Subsidies are neither an efficient use of public funds ”. Dollars are still a decisive factor in a company’s ultimate location decision. ”Referred to committee, no further action at this time.

Senate Act 556: Creation of Tourism Commission and Subsidies for Northern Michigan

Introduced by Senator Wayne Schmidt (R) to create a segregated government account called the Northern Michigan Tourism and Sports Fund and a commission to dispense legislative funds to develop or improve facilities for major events and promote sports-related tourism and recreation in northern Michigan and more. Referred to the committee, currently no further action.

House Bill 4803: Authorization of public charging stations for electric cars at rest stops

Introduced by Rep. Joseph Bellino, Jr. (R) to authorize the Department of Transportation to install, or allow another party to install and operate, high capacity electric car charging stations at all highway rest stops. Other bills in this package would authorize a new license mandate and charge fees for chargeable electric vehicle charging services. Referred to the committee, currently no further action.

House Bill 4833: Replace the property tax on heavy equipment from landlords with a new rental tax

Introduced by Rep. Jim Ellison (D) on May 12, 2021 to replace property tax on heavy equipment owned by an equipment rental company with a 2% heavy equipment rental tax, primarily distributed to local governments will. Referred to the committee, currently no further action.

House Bill 4919: Removes a restriction on the decision-making powers of the administrative authorities

Introduced by Rep. Laurie Pohutsky (D) to repeal the provisions of a 2018 law prohibiting a State Department from enacting stricter rules than required by federal standards unless a state law expressly or requires A supervisor states that there is a “clear and convincing” need to do this. Referred to the committee, currently no further action.

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