Tax Planning

Outperform measured outcomes with environment friendly, money-saving tax planning methods

Entrepreneurs know how stressful it is to collect business taxes, let alone strategic enough to pay as little taxes as possible without breaking the law. Measured Results recognizes the problem and helps small business owners get the most out of their tax journey and find more resources to use to grow their business.

Measured Results is a family-run CPA company founded by Byron McBroom and currently run by his son Tyler McBroom, bestselling author of Cash flow and growth. Despite being ranked as one of the 40,000 CPA firms in the United States, the company remains unique in the way it goes beyond what is expected of an accounting firm. It is one of the few institutions that are affiliated with the world-famous personnel development coach Tony Robbins as an American company in the Tony Robbins Global Accounting Advisors Alliance. Measured Results focuses on taking proactive measures to help their clients with their tax situation while increasing the financial performance of their companies. “Our service differs from most CPA firms in that we meet with our customers year-round to understand their needs and work with them to help them achieve their goals,” said the younger McBroom . “Part of that is reviewing past performance, but mostly it’s about looking to the months ahead and advising them on the steps they need to take to improve their business,” he added.

Before Tyler became an official partner of Measured Results, the company had constant annual sales of $ 700,000. But When he and his father joined forces envisioned tremendous success for what his father began, starting with the leap of transforming the company from a lifestyle company to one that plays a role in the business success of others. Barely five years after becoming a partner in 2016, Tyler scaled the company to nearly $ 5 million in annual revenue and grew his team of four into a company that employed 42 people. Led by Tyler, Measured Results secured a spot in the top 20 accounting firms to work by Accounting Today in 2020. The company was also named the QuickBooks company of the future for medium-sized businesses by Inuit in 2018. Tyler also received recognition for his service to the industry. In 2020 the partner was hired by QuickBooks to represent him in a campaign in its new QuickBooks Payroll program.

“The goal for the next year is to continue helping as many business owners as possible navigate the journey through the COVID pandemic. In good times it is important to monitor your cash flow and minimize your taxes, but in difficult times it becomes even more critical, ”said Tyler. Taxes are critical to national development, and Measured Results have developed effective strategies that enable entrepreneurs to stay in compliance without breaking the bank.

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