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Optima Tax Aid works with VITA to supply free tax return help

The tax experts from Optima offer free tax advice at the VITA locations.

“Quality tax preparation should be available to everyone, regardless of income or background.”

This year, Optima Tax Relief partnered with United Way and the IRS to provide free tax preparation services to low-income residents and other members of their community. Fifty Optima employees have registered with the United Way of Orange County, California and Mesa, Arizona to participate in the Voluntary Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, established by the IRS to provide free tax preparation services to those such as:

· People with disabilities

· Limited English speaking taxpayers

· Individuals who generally make $ 57,000 or less per year

Christian Giandomenico, the director of tax preparation at Optima and one of the staff who volunteered for the program, said it was the inclusiveness of the program that made them sign up. “Quality tax preparation should be available to everyone, regardless of income or background,” she said. “Taxes can be complicated, and I couldn’t stand the thought that some people try to handle complex situations without help just because they feel they can’t afford it. I was inspired to know that the program serves over 3 million taxpayers annually and returns over $ 4 billion to low-income communities. The first day I showed up and saw the different demographics; from students, the elderly, ESL people … I realized how much impact this was having. It was such an incredible feeling of accomplishment. “

The free tax assistance of the VITA program is particularly advantageous for people aged 60 and over, as it specializes in questions of old-age provision and other senior-specific questions of old-age provision. Many of the community members who would qualify for the program are retirees affiliated with nonprofit organizations that receive grants from the IRS.

Giandomenico found the specialized support for seniors to be the most rewarding part of the program. “I never realized how many seniors try to pay their taxes themselves. They’ve been paying their taxes the same way for decades, and now that they’re retired they don’t always know what’s changed or what new depreciation they’re entitled to, ”she said. “The experience was very heartwarming; We have been said “thank you” countless times by individuals collecting their tax returns or asking for help filling out tax forms. Some said, “You don’t know how much this helps me year after year”. Without this program they would never have prepared their taxes professionally. “

Optima CEO David King wasn’t surprised to learn how many of his employees have volunteered for the program. “We hire employees who are full of character in all facets of the company and then regularly reinforce this with all of our employees. Seeing how all of our employees volunteer for this program underscores the quality of the people we have in the Optima family. “

By partnering with the IRS, the VITA program is able to provide reliable, trustworthy tax filing services for free. Optima volunteers are all licensed tax advisors who are up to date with both federal tax laws and any new IRS updates, making them ideal candidates for the VITA program. The volunteers also received extensive IRS training to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of all taxpayer information.

“Every year, low-income residents miss millions of dollars in federal and California tax refunds and credits that they are entitled to and deserve. Our OC Free Tax Prep program helps these hardworking people get more of their income, ”said Susan B. Parks, President and CEO of Orange County United Way. “Many of these families are already facing financial difficulties and the pandemic has created even greater stresses. These tax refunds and credits will give a much-needed boost to paying for rent, groceries, or medical expenses. “

Optima Tax Preparer Manager and VITA program participant Anne Tran said she would repeat the program in the future if the opportunity presented itself. “I would do it every year if I could,” she said. “I love helping people and doing volunteer work. That’s why I joined the VITA team. Most of the people I’ve worked with had a professional tax return prepared for the first time. It was wonderful to get to know them and help them get the maximum return on their investment. I met an elderly lady whose family dropped her off at the VITA office with the intention of picking her up in a few hours. After her family left, she found that she had forgotten to bring an important document. I offered to drive her home to get it so we can close her tax return. She was so happy and said “thank you” all the time. It was such a rewarding experience. “

Optima’s top priority is to continue to work with the IRS to benefit both their community and individuals in the US by resolving unmanageable tax burdens and enabling their clients to have a better financial future.

About Optima tax breaks

Optima Tax Relief is the country’s leading tax advisory firm helping individuals and businesses grappling with unmanageable IRS and government tax debts. Optima’s commitment to unparalleled service and results has transformed the tax processing industry, earning the company numerous awards including the Torch Award for Ethics from the Better Business Bureau of San Diego, Orange and Imperial Counties, and OneOC’s Civic 50. Full-service offering tax solution and employing over 600 professionals, Optima has paid over $ 1 billion in tax debts for its clients and helps clients achieve a better financial future by making their tax problems a thing of the past.

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