Tax Relief

New invoice might present tax breaks for business property house owners in Clark County

The new law also allows district audit bodies to value a property for tax purposes from October 1, 2020, rather than January 1, 2020, which was not the case before.

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Clark County’s Auditor John Federer said the new legislation will primarily affect the commercial and business sectors rather than residential property owners.

Those seeking reduction must explain how the pandemic or circumstances caused a reduction in the true value of their properties.

That could be related to lost income, reduced opening hours and other factors caused by the pandemic.

Audited financial statements or tax returns, annual financial data including income and expenses, and descriptions of federal aid received could be used to show how the pandemic caused property depreciation.

Those looking for more information or with questions can call the Clark County Auditor’s Office at 937-521-1890 or email

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