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New Britain Herald – Bysiewicz visits New Britain to advertise growth of providers out there to assist residents with tax preparation

NEW BRITAIN – Lt. gov. Susan Bysiewicz visited New Britain to promote the expansion of the Connecticut Earned Income Tax Credit and services available to help residents with tax preparation.

Bysiewicz visited the Human Resources Agency of New Britain, Inc. Monday to raise awareness and showcase the services available through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program.

gov. Ned Lamont announced a portion of the $1.38 billion federal Coronavirus Relief Fund would be retroactively used to enhance the 2020 EITC. Bysiewicz said the combination of available resources can have a significant impact on families that have been struggling throughout the pandemic.

“This is going to provide real relief to Connecticut families who are still facing problems related to the pandemic, as well as the 7½% inflation that we’ve seen,” Bysiewicz said. “It’s hitting families hard.”

Bysiewicz said the EITC was enhanced from 23% of the federal credit to 41.5% in an effort to provide economic support to individuals and families who were economically impacted and burdened by covid-19. She said the relief efforts are expected to benefit nearly 200,000 residents throughout the state. Additionally, residents can learn more about other tax credits like the Child Tax Credit, the American Opportunities Dredit and others through the same services that allow individuals and families to receive assistance when filing taxes.

HRA Executive Director Marlo Greponne said the VITA campaign connects IRS-certified volunteers, who have received training in basic tax preparations, to residents seeking assistance filing their taxes. The program is free and available for low-to-moderate-income, up to $58,000, residents to help them file taxes. Volunteers will also help residents to claim all the tax credits and refunds they’ve earned.

“It’s an economic stimulus for our local economy but more importantly it’s an additional resource to low income families in our community,” Greponne said

Greponne said each resident that participates will receive a free copy of their tax returns, which is saved within the system and is available for them to access the following year. She said more than 50% of residents that utilize the free program are returning from previous years. Bysiewicz said the program has also helped to provide residents with financial literacy and show options on how to best utilize tax refunds.

The HRA of New Britain partnered with United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut and The Village for Families and Children through the VITA campaign. The partnerships provide a variety of ways for families to have access to resources. Residents can call 211 or contact either agency for services that assist individuals and families establish financial security.

“Many of the folks that come to us are building a relationship with our agencies and so we’re able to continue providing them assistance moving forward,” Greponne said

Greponne said they have ensured all residents are made aware of the availability of the services offered. She said the goal is to let residents know, not only that the resources are available but they are free. Greponne said the group has made extensive efforts to promote services in order to connect with people that really need them.

“Because of the pandemic many folks have been relying on these outlets for information,” Greponne said. “Please ensure to take advantage of this free resource.”

Posted in New Britain Herald, New Britain on Monday, 28 February 2022 17:03. Updated: Monday, 28 February 2022 17:06.

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