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New ballot: North Carolinians overwhelmingly oppose the abolition of company tax

Last month, the North Carolina Senate passed bill that would abolish corporation tax for five years from 2024.

New polls released Thursday by the progressive political group State Innovation Exchange (SiX) show that North Carolina voters overwhelmingly oppose such a change.

The poll of 800 registered voters in the state by phone and online between July 6-11, found 66 percent against the complete abolition of state income tax.

This view was held across the political spectrum, with 59 percent of Republicans opposed to the change, 74 percent of Democrats and 58 percent of Independents. Of those who voted for Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election, 58 percent were against the change. Among the supporters of President Joe Biden, 76 percent were against it.

“It is something that we have seen everywhere and across parties,” said Nida Allam, state director of SiX. ‚ÄúPeople want more investment in the communities in North Carolina. They don’t want corporate taxes to be abolished. “

Allam, who is also a Durham County commissioner, said the polls show North Carolinians are realizing the impact this could have on investments in public education, infrastructure and basic services.

TargetSmart, the company that conducted the survey, conducted similar surveys in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Minnesota. Ben Lazarus, director of research solutions for the company, said the poll on the matter appears to be consistent across states.

“It’s one of those rare circumstances where there are really bad politics and really bad politics,” Lazarus said.

In North Carolina, Lazarus said, respondents strongly opposed a corporate tax cut, whether or not they were told the $ 5 billion annual cost. 68 percent of those questioned who were informed about the costs refused, as did 66 percent of those who received no information.

“The poll shows that people want to see this money put into schools, streets and many other good things that help the working people,” said Lazarus. “They don’t want a corporate tax cut.”

The survey results, including information on the methodology, can be found here.

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