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Nebraska State Senators Say Native Spending Hikes Overstretch Property Tax Reduction | Regional authorities

Legislative Revenue Committee members re-spotlighted property taxes on Friday, most of them expressing frustration that the increased spending by local governments offset the impact of nearly $ 1 billion in property tax breaks provided by the state government. The dollar weakened.

“We praise people from their homes,” said Senator Lou Ann Linehan von Elkhorn, chairman of the committee, during a press conference in the Capitol rotunda.

“If we don’t do something meaningful (to counter rising property taxes), a voting initiative passed,” she said, could take the issue out of the legislature’s hands.

An initiative proposal to restrict or even ban the collection of property taxes was often considered; In 1966, voters approved a constitutional amendment that prohibited the collection of property taxes in support of the state government.

“We need help at the local level,” said Senator Brett Lindstrom from Omaha, who is trying to be nominated for Republican governor in 2022.

That means “we may need to take additional steps to ensure significant land tax relief,” he said.

Senator Tom Briese of Albion said lawmakers may have to “try to limit the amount of spending increases” that local government subdivisions can pass.

Governor Pete Ricketts already supports the application of new spending restrictions on local government agencies.

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