Tax Relief

Nebraska Farmers Union Oversee property tax breaks in state legislation

The Nebraska Farmers Union wants the state senators to provide more property tax relief to build on what was accomplished in the previous session. This week the Revenue Committee heard two relief bills, one from Governor Pete Ricketts and one from Senator Tom Briese of Albion. Briese’s move is a constitutional amendment to limit property taxes and make education funding a state priority. John Hansen, president of the Nebraska Farmers Union, says the problem with Briese and the governor’s bills is the need to put lids on and they don’t always work.

He says putting caps on property taxes does not solve the state’s structural tax problem.

Hansen said his group is working with lawmakers on special funding for education that would help ease the pressure on property taxes.

Hansen says while progress was made on easing property taxes at the last meeting, more is needed this year to ease that burden and continue to properly fund education.

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