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NDP’s Singh reiterates pledge to sort out corporate loopholes and tax fraud – Nationwide

The Canadian press

Posted on Sep 12, 2021 12:26 PM

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NDP leader Jagmeet Singh pounded the billions of dollars in lost tax revenues of corporations and billionaires today when he accused liberal leader Justin Trudeau of inaction.

During an election freeze in Sudbury, Ontario, Singh said one of his party’s top priorities was to raise taxes for the ultra-rich and close the loopholes that have allowed businesses to avoid taxes in Canada.

While Trudeau talked about addressing these issues, he hasn’t done enough, he says.

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NDP reveals details on how the party would pay for the election platform’s pledges

The NDP pledges to raise funds for Canada’s Treasury Department by $ 100 million to improve enforcement, despite Trudeau increasing the CRA budget by hundreds of millions during his tenure.

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Singh also suggests requiring companies to conduct their offshore operations legitimately and publicly report corporate taxes.

Trudeau said while campaigning on the South Shore of Montreal that he had raised taxes for the rich, but that there must be a balance between taxes and economic growth.

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