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ND legislators are nonetheless analyzing tax relief plans (replace)

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Republican Governor Doug Burgum’s attempt to use part of the treasury’s surplus to offset income taxes appears to be met with approval, despite initial opposition from his own party’s legislative leaders. Representatives from the GOP-controlled House of Representatives unanimously voted on Thursday to grant an income tax credit of $ 350 to any North Dakota resident who files a declaration for 2021 and 2022. During his speech on the state at the opening of the special session on Monday, Burgum renewed his calls on lawmakers to relieve income tax. Legislative officials say the idea now seems popular.


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It appears support for Governor Burgum’s idea of ​​using money from the state’s general fund balance to provide $ 500 income tax credits to North Dakota taxpayers is growing.

Majority leaders in the House and Senate say they would still rather wait until the next regular legislative session to discuss permanent tax breaks.

House majority leader Chet Pollert says he is in favor of permanent income tax relief.

Senate majority leader Rich Wardner says he hears most of the complaints about property taxes. He says the state doesn’t levy property taxes, but he says he has an idea to lower the tax. “In my opinion, the number of mills that the school district receives from local patrons should be reduced. Reduce that from 70 mills to 20 mills. This is a real estate tax relief. Where you get the money is the income from the Legacy Fund. “

In addition to the income tax credit, legislators are considering lowering taxes on social security.


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