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Multiplexes, gymnasium homeowners obtain property tax breaks Ahmedabad Information

Ahmedabad: Multiplexes and cinema halls have barely been opened since the pandemic began and closed due to restrictions to contain the spread of Covid-19. As a great relief for the owners of multiplexes, cinema halls and fitness studios, the state government announced on Tuesday that these companies would be completely waived property tax for the 2021-22 financial year.
The core committee set up by the state government has also decided that these companies will also receive an exemption from the fixed electricity fee for the year.
Manubhai Patel, President of the Gujarat Multiplex Owners’ Association, said, “The decision is a good one as the business has been losing money and most of the industry players have been forced to put money out of their pockets to keep business going for the short period of time are allowed to hold. ”
Industry players are also of the opinion that they should have received this discharge for two years instead of one year. The state government extended this relief to restaurateurs, amusement parks, water parks and hotels a day ago.
“The government’s decision is to be welcomed. However, we are assuming that the fitness studios will now be allowed to start operating, as we have received many inquiries. We have rent and bills to pay and many people’s jobs depend on these sectors, ”said one gym owner who refused to be named.
Travel agencies are demanding relief
At a meeting between Minister of State for Tourism Jawahar Chawda and travel agencies and tour operators on Tuesday, industry players looked for measures to enable their survival and revitalization. Aside from easing property taxes, utility bills and GST fees, the Gujarat section of the Travel Agents’ Association of India (TAAI) called for measures to revitalize tourism. They also called for RTO tax exemptions for bus and taxi companies and interest-free working capital loans.

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