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Monetary day by day dose 12/7/2021 | Prime story: G-20 leaders agree on draft worldwide corporate tax revision | Robins Chaplain LLP

The weekend G-20 meeting of heads of state and government in Venice took another major step forward in overhauling the international tax system. “Key details” are still pending on the deal, which will expire in October, but when it goes into effect it could “reshape the world economy” – NYTimes and WSJ, and Bloomberg and MarketWatch

A week after blasting Didi’s major US IPO by banning the ride-hailing giant from app stores in China, Beijing is formalizing its new cybersecurity mandate by requiring that “domestic tech companies undergo cybersecurity screening before they do.” can go public “. Foreign Exchanges “- NYTimes and Bloomberg and Law360

More about the tightrope Didi tried to accomplish between Chinese regulators and investors. Emphasis on TRIED – WSJ

And about how the prospect of the latest moves caused TikTok parent ByteDance to “put their intentions overseas citing earlier this year on hold indefinitely after government officials told the company to focus on tackling Concentrate data security risks ”- WSJ and Bloomberg

So Gen Z seems to be waging a reluctant fight against email? Good to know. That’s what it means for offices in the US – NYTimes

The executive action of the Biden government last Friday aimed to “increase competition within the national economy and limit corporate dominance” to protect consumers and workers alike. The PO “encouraged federal agencies to take a wide range of actions,” including a “closer review of the tech industry,” as the government appears to have “warned some economists that declining competition is hindering the vitality of the economy” – NYTimes and WSJ and Law360 to respect and TechCrunch

The Journal has looked at the state-owned AG antitrust proceedings against Google (which focuses on the Android operating system and the Google Play Store) and found that it is very similar to the antitrust proceedings against Apple. And that’s not good – WSJ

When Zuck and Sheryl checked in, things didn’t seem to be going so smoothly at 1 Hacker Way. Too bad that – NYTimes

The Delaware Chancery Court is preparing today for “its most high-profile litigation in a generation” alleging that “Tesla co-founder Elon Musk made the electric car maker waste more than $ 2 billion” as of 2016 the sister company SolarCity bought The always eloquent Elon should be at the booth early – maybe even later – Law360 and WSJ and MarketWatch

Still soaring house prices in most of the world are causing a serious headache for central banks – as “too slow a withdrawal of incentives will lead to higher house prices and exacerbate financial stability concerns over the longer term”, while a withdrawal “too hard.” means to unsettle the markets ”. and let house prices fall ”and“ threaten the recovery of the economy ”. So good luck – Bloomberg

Adam Grant on the lack of “collective effervescence” in the past 15 months and what a return to the wide world means for the innate human desire to share moments with others – NYTimes

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