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Minority Tax Execs is a proud chief within the companies trade for earnings tax technology

For years, Minority Tax Pros (MTP) have been providing hungry entrepreneurs with a FREE business in a box!

For years, Minority Tax Pros (MTP) have been providing hungry entrepreneurs with a FREE business in a box! They offer their members everything they need to become a Certified Tax Professional. With currently over 11,000 members across the country, MTP is a proud leader in the income tax creation services industry.

The tax preparation season typically runs from January 2nd to April 15th. Due to COVID, the past two years have included automatic renewals for everyone. Imagine having the opportunity to make a full-time income in just 4 short months. When you join MTP, you will be provided with the tools to do so. After completing the intensive MTP training and receiving your PTIN from the IRS, you would be officially a Certified Tax Professional.

Over 250 million tax returns are filed each year. That equates to about 18 billion in tax preparation fees. MTP has transformed the industry by providing its members with a mobile or home-based business opportunity at no cost to anyone. It is important to note that MTP used the mobile business structure long before COVID. Their software and members were already used to working remotely. This is especially critical in today’s world as many families today want to do as little face-to-face business as possible.

With over 80 years of combined experience, Minority Tax Pros have put together a professional team of mentors and support staff. This includes accountants, accountants, former IRS employees, and other tax professionals. Everyone has an equal chance to be successful. There are 3 simple requirements to join MTP:

1. You must complete tax preparation and bank compliance training.

2. You must pass the IRS background exam and receive your PTIN.

3. Don’t give up!

Here’s what you get when you join MTP:

1. Free tax software

2. Free training

3. Free Marketing Kit

4. Dedicated EFIN

5. Free personal attention

6. Free business portal

For more information, see the MTP website at

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