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Metropolis closes unlicensed membership that works exterior of the tax preparation workplace Chicago Information

A Google Street View of the building at 10305 S. Martin Luther King Drive from July 2019. (WTTW news via Google Maps)

City inspectors on Friday shut down an unlicensed club operating out of a tax preparation office in Roseland for violating COVID-19 restrictions.

Inspectors found 26 people in the tax preparation shop operated by Loves Tax LLC at 10305 S. Martin Luther King Drive, which was paying a cover fee at a facility licensed for tax preparation services only, according to a statement from the city’s Department of Economy and Consumers .

The illegal club had a DJ and dancers – but no masks or social distancing, officials said.

The company has been cited for violating COVID-19 regulations, operating a club without proper licenses, smoking indoors, and interfering with the investigation. The company has also been cited for running an illegal club, officials said.

Faye Love of Loves Tax LLC called the quotes “totally wrong”. Love said the only activity in the office on Friday was ongoing efforts to get out of the store.

Love said she plans to challenge the quotes.

City inspectors also cited Miki’s Park, 109 W. Hubbard St., for violating COVID-19 regulations on Saturday by allowing 50 guests to eat and drink indoors without complying with social distancing or face covering requirements.

The city rules only allow 19 indoor guests in the facility. In addition, it was still open at 1:35 a.m., although bars and restaurants had to close at 11 p.m. according to state rules then in effect. The facility was cited for violating COVID-19 regulations and disrupting the investigation.

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