Tax Relief

MEPs spotlight the consensus reached to cross legal guidelines akin to tax breaks

Two MPs – one from the ruling party and the other from the opposition – stressed the importance of the dialogue and consensus reached in the last session for the passage of various laws, such as tax relief, which includes debt relief in favor of nonprofits Facilities. Including neighborhood associations, libraries, fire brigade associations and development associations.

Ricardo Buryaile, UCR representative for Formosa, said, “I am sure the Front Marking Law, Sheep Law, and Oncopediatrics Law are very important. The approval of international agreements was also very important, as was the tax breaks, which are a key economic issue ”.

Placeholder picture Carlos Ponce, a Frente de Todos MP for San Luis, said: “We understood that this law is very necessary and was part of a very broad agreement with the opposition. Political maturity is great. The opposition’s proposals have been taken into account and that is also very important ”.

Tax relief

The Tax Relief Act is a project sponsored by Chamber of Representatives Sergio Massa, which aims to help as many taxpayers as possible affected by the pandemic with tax costs as low as $ 100,000.

The initiative wants to give a clear signal for the exit from the pandemic, stipulates that the institutions of the National Voluntary Fire Brigade System (SNBV) tax, customs and social security debts of less than 100,000 US dollars are waived the law 25.054 and all other non-profit Institutions, including registered community organizations such as foundations, civil associations, simple associations and institutions with municipal recognition.

It also points out that forgiveness includes the principal owed, compensatory and penalty interest, fines and other sanctions, and does not include the contributions and contributions to the National Social Work Regime or the quotas for Occupational Risk Insurers (ART). .

In this case, payment plans with terms of up to 36, 60 and 120 installments are suggested depending on the type of debt or taxpayer. In addition, the moratorium on the exit from the previous facility plan will be extended to July 31, 2020, including debts from August 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021, taking into account overdue debts.

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