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Meet younger Kelly Watson, an African American who has made it to 100,000 a season by way of her tax prep enterprise

Nobody knows how to prepare for tax season like the tax queen herself, Ms. Kelly Watson. In 2012 she started the Watson tax service from home and helps the community as she grows her tax business each season. For the past decade, this independent 33-year-old woman has been helping people get the most out of their tax returns.

Watson was an inspiration to her community. Her ministry has helped locals in her community every tax season. Not only has she been an inspiration to her community, she has shown many young African American women that they too can create their own success story.

The Tax Queen prepares for another season

Kelly Watson is preparing for her 10th year in business and many in her community are ready to celebrate this milestone with her. Starting her own business has always been a dream of hers and she loves knowing that she is making a difference for the people in her community. As an entrepreneur, Watson was also a daredevil and made it her goal to smash every goal she set herself. Since starting her business, Watson has grown her earnings to $100,000 per tax season. However, this did not happen overnight. Watson has put a lot of hard work and dedication into her business to make it a successful business. As the Tax Queen continues to provide her services to the community, her business continues to thrive.

Watson is the real deal when it comes to getting taxes right. They don’t call her the Tax Queen for nothing. Before starting her business, Watson wanted to make sure she was fully prepared and trained to do good work for her community.

She earned her degrees in Business Management, Business Technology and Marketing Management. She has also taken additional courses to earn her certification in Human Resource Specialist and Entrepreneurship. According to Watson, there is not too much education. Starting today, this smart and beautiful beauty will be releasing her webinar course titled 100K Season, where she teaches others how to start and grow an accountancy business.

Find out more about tax queen Kelly Watson

Kelly Watson wants to help more people prepare for tax season. She is active on social media and encourages her followers to engage with her as she shares many tax tips. Anyone interested in learning more about Watson and her tax services can find her on all social media at @taxproqueen and

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