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McKee Indicators Legal guidelines Extending Property Tax Reduction For Chilly Conflict Veterans | Nationwide information

(The Center Square) – Rhode Island real estate owners who served during the Cold War are taking a break.

Governor Dan McKee gave in a. known Press release that he signed a law granting property tax exemptions to veterans who served during the Cold War from 1947 to 1991. The veterans need not have served in any war or conflict during this time. The amount of money veterans are exempt from varies from city to city by local ordinances.

“Our veterans have served the nation with valor and dignity. We must always cherish them and be indebted to them because it is their heroism that keeps us free, ”McKee said. “That goes for all veterans. Our veterans, who served in uniform during the Cold War, were valiant in protecting our American ideals. They protected our nation, they were the backbone of our nation during a decades-long crisis. “

House bill 5785 and Senate draft 0982 both signed by the governor and detailed exemptions for veterans in communities across the state.

According to the press release, state law provides property tax exemptions for veterans of the Spanish-American War. Current legislation defines the Cold War era, which was a time of global tension, as a period beginning with the end of World War II and ending with the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

State Representative Camille Vella-Wilkinson, D-Warwick, praised the signing.

“The current definition of ‘veteran’ we use has different implications for peacetime veterans and women veterans in particular,” Vella-Wilkinson said in the press release. “By changing the way the current law defines the struggle, this bill becomes an injustice to many who served in peacetime and the women who were excluded from the struggle until the policy of the Secretary of Defense im Year 2013 was changed, corrected. “

State Senator James A. Seveney, D-Bristol, Portsmouth, Tiverton, said veterans owed debts that cannot be repaid.

“Anyone who joins the armed forces pledges to their country to come back with their life, regardless of where the flow of history takes them,” Seveney said in the press release. “In order to meet this obligation, it is only appropriate that we extend this exemption to other veterans.”

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