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Massachusetts DOR Points Data on Private Revenue Tax for Half-12 months Residents

April 6, 2022, 5:00 AM

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) Feb. 11 issued information on personal income tax for part-year residents for individual income tax purposes. The DOR provides information on: 1) the residency status determination; 2) filing statuses, which also determine the tax rate for federal purposes; 3) exemptions based on days spent as a state resident; 4) the determination of income and deductions; and 5) credits, which include the earned income tax credit, credit for income tax paid to another state or jurisdiction, and the no tax status and limited income credit.[massDep’tofRevenuePersonalIncomeTaxforPart-YearResidents[MassDep’tofRevenuePersonalIncomeTaxforPart-YearResidents

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