Tax Relief

LOST funds shall be used to alleviate Columbus Junction property tax | Native

Grants are approved on a five-year cycle, which means the trail project should have started by 2020. Shutt said the county received two offers in 2019, but they were turned down because they were nearly $ 90,000 above grant funding.

He also informed the council that the secondary roads funding could not be used to meet the required 20% of local funding. If the city wanted to move the project forward, it would have to raise the funds.

He and Lassiter also said they could drop the award and reapply later.

The council eventually agreed to proceed with the current grant award and asked Shutt to develop new bidding documents for a possible bid opening in January.

The council did not specify where it would get the local match funding from, but members suggested that the Roundy Fund would be the likely source.

As a final measure, the council received an update on LULAC Council 3176 from Columbus Junction. Community Representative Araceli Vazquez and former State Director Mike Reyes said the Center for Disaster Philanthropy has awarded a COVID-19 grant that will support the community leader position through 2022.

Vazquez said she helped develop food promotions and distribution, bought 10 Chromebooks for the library, and handed out over 3,000 face masks, among other things.

Vazquez and Reyes presented Mayor Mark Huston with a $ 3,000 donation following their presentation.

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