Corporate Tax

Letter: Tax breaks for firms let colleges starve the funds they want

It is with dismay that I read “St. Louis school principal says the district has lost $ 126 million in tax breaks over 12 years ”(June 22). As an active parent in St. Louis Public Schools and a member of parenting organizations, I have attended countless meetings to plan fundraisers to help our schools, such as: B. Building improvements and technology upgrades. I’ve worked tirelessly with countless other parents to find creative ways to make a few more dollars in our community to provide basic resources for teachers and students.

But seeing a number in the millions that our district has been denied means we never had a chance to catch up. We were never close to filling that void. Not only am I sad about the missed opportunities for our students, but also on behalf of the parents who work so hard to make up for a deficit that shouldn’t have existed. It is long time the St. Louis Board of Aldermen took responsibility for the role it played in creating the conditions for our public schools and for the burden it places on parents to make good their failures do. All citizens should turn to the board of directors and demand a reform of the tax incentive structure that is taking money away from our public schools.

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