Corporate Tax

Kyrsten Sinema is the million greenback girl at corporate lobbies

“I don’t think she has one,” said a Democratic lobbyist who has often dealt with the Senate when asked about her position on taxes that might affect these interest groups. “I would say she is in her mid-twenties, maybe as tall as 28.” [percent]. Depends on other problems. “

The groups highlighted by Accountable.US are certainly trying to convince them otherwise. In total, the Chamber of Commerce and its governing bodies have given Sinema over $ 448,000. The organization’s objections include the high price and possible high tax increases.

The Business Roundtable, the report said, gave the Arizona Senator $ 187,000. The President and CEO of the Roundtable, Joshua Bolten, called
His group’s top concern is “possible tax hikes for US jobs that would counter the benefits of infrastructure investments.” The group also did public
The government of Biden linked Sinema’s approach to the infrastructure law to the reconciliation package.

The members of the RATE coalition gave her $ 210,000. The coalition, which aims to keep corporate taxes low, consists of FedEX, Lockheed Martin, Capitol One and Disney. Former Senator Blanche Lincoln, chief adviser to the coalition, said: “Any increase in the interest rate would position our country even further behind global competitors like China.”

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