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Ky. Senate passes their model of automobile tax relief invoice

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) – The Kentucky Senate passed another version of a bill that’s designed to provide car tax relief.

Earlier this week, lawmakers in the House passed a bill to return how taxes are assessed.

The Senate bill, which unanimously passed 34-0, is a joint resolution and directs the governor to direct the revenue cabinet to exempt the pandemic-driven increase.

SJR 99 is similar to HB6 that unanimously passed the House earlier this week.

— Phil Pendleton (@philtvnews) February 11, 2022

The sponsor of the bill, Donald Douglas, R-Nicholasville, says it will save people a total of $70 million.

Instead of assessing values ​​at the current rate, it would ask to move away from the deviation and use the rate that existed before the pandemic. Lawmakers are asking that it be good for two years.

Sen. Douglas says it would also provide reimbursement for those who already paid their bills.

“I just think this is a win for the people of the Commonwealth of Kentucky,” Sen. Douglas said. “And I know here in the Senate, I know in the House, in the whole General Assembly, I want our taxpayers to know that we are hoping to give them a lot more wins as the session moves along.

It’s not clear which version of the bill, House or Senate, will get final passage. It’s interesting to note that both bills have passed their respective chambers unanimously.

The Senate bill now goes to the House and the Senate will be taking up the House bill.

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