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Knowledge Safety in Tax Preparation: Why a Cloud Primarily based Digital Tax Workplace Is Extra Productive and Safe

Cloud-based technology solutions have changed the way Tax Preparers operate and grow their business. Data security-conscious preparers who migrate to virtual tax preparation see increased workflow efficiency and security surrounding their client’s data during filing.

Advantages of a Virtual Tax Prep Office

Have you ever asked yourself “What is a Virtual Tax Office?” or wondered how you can be more productive during tax season? Migrating your tax preparation business to a cloud-based environment could be the best decision you make this year.

Low overhead

Working from a Virtual Tax Office can drastically reduce your day to day expenses. The costs of rent, utilities, extra hardware, software and commuting can add up quickly – when time is money, every little expense and moment saved adds up, especially for Tax Preparers looking to grow their business.

Access Anytime, Anywhere, from nearly Any Device

Virtual tax preparation allows Preparers the ability to access their tax returns and source documents anytime, anywhere — using their laptop, tablet, or smartphone. If you need a change of scenery, or need to travel, working from a cloud-based environment means you’re free to work from anywhere.

Increased productivity and growth

Operating from the cloud eliminates the need for system updates, provides greater security for your client’s documents and allows virtual tax preparers the time needed to focus on growing their business.

Virtually reach your clients at their own convenience while providing the same superior personalized service they’ve come to expect. Integrated tools such as eSignature, secure document storage and live refund monitoring can help you prepare more returns, more efficiently.

Security of Data

Data security is top of mind for many tech-savvy consumers today, and your approach to accepting and transferring documents can make or break your virtual tax preparation business’s reputation in the eyes of clients. Since a cloud-based Virtual Tax Office’s data is not stored on a single device but redundant cloud servers, it reduces the chances of any accidental data loss due to hardware malfunction or device theft.

Cloud-based tax preparation services provide multi-levels of data security, helping to ensure that the confidentiality of data is maintained and secured.

One solution integration

Virtual tax preparation services utilizing a full suite of cloud-based software can drastically improve their workflow efficiency. Minimizing the number of solutions your firm utilizes isn’t just a smart economical choice – it’s a smart security choice as well.

Virtual tax preparation options often offer a wide suite of solutions that work seamlessly together. This can minimize the time spent trying to make separate software work on your system, and optimize the time spent with each refund.


As remote tax accountants advance their return workflow, new opportunities for growth arise. Cloud technology helps virtual tax preparers upscale and downscale their required resources accordingly. Since nothing is hosted on an individual device, you can:

  • Save money on hardware and software upgrades
  • Build your team with top talent globally
  • Efficiently track data access and manage security rights
  • Optimize your team’s workflow within the same environment
  • Keep your company’s carbon footprint and environmental impact low

Virtual tax preparation software

This tax season, choose TaxWise to ensure that you have the tools and resources you need to help you maximize your productivity, revenue, and efficiency so you can focus on what’s really important: your clients and growing your tax business.

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