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Kaghan residents name for tax relief – Newspaper

MANSEHRA: Hundreds of Kaghan Valley residents, including small traders, have filed a written petition with the Abbottabad Circuit Bench of the Peshawar High Court to seek intervention to abolish their taxes for a period of 15 years.

“We called the Supreme Court with a request to order the abolition of all taxes in Kaghan or the dissolution of the Kaghan Development Authority due to inefficiency,” Jarad region elder Bashir Khan Swati told reporters in the Balakot region on Monday.

He complained that the KDA tax residents heavily and fines for construction activities and small businesses.

Accompanied by a group of local residents, the elder said that the earthquake survivors were still affected by the devastation of the 2005 natural disaster, but the KDA had imposed heavy taxes on them and others in accordance with the rules that apply to metropolitan areas.

Relocation of the Higher Court to Intervention

He said 580 parishioners in Jarad, Battakundi, Naran, Kaghan and other areas of the Kaghan Valley signed the petition while a group of lawyers represented them on the case.

Mr Bashir said the KDA’s anti-assault campaign had hit people hard, especially small traders.

He claimed that the action was outside the domain of the citizens’ authority.

Seized drugs: The police arrested two drug dealers here on Monday and confiscated a large supply of narcotics in the Dodial area.

Police ransacked Mohammad Uzair’s home and detained him after taking possession of a large amount of charas, heroin and ice drug.

In another raid, police arrested drug dealer Tariq Ali and confiscated large quantities of charas and other narcotics.

Police cracked down on drug traffickers last week and sought help from religious scholars to ensure a social boycott of drug dealers.

Meanwhile, residents of the Punjool area in the Siren Valley have called for work to begin early on the local water system approved two years ago.

They told reporters that it was unfortunate that work on the project did not start even after the funds were released.

Posted in Dawn, September 21, 2021

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